Who needs wetsuits in the Mediterranean sea, especially when you paddle standing on your board. SUP is a wonderful form of exercise that everyone should try out, especially in the warm waters around Mallorca. The trendy board activity SUP has taken the United States and Europe by storm and so even here on the island. Stand up paddle is great fun to do and relatively easier than windsurfing or wave surfing, probably why it became the fastest growing water sport in the world last year.

SUP-Stand Up Paddle in Mallorca

You have a bigger board than a surfing board. You will stand on it and paddle it with a single paddle, and you can do it in bigger waves or in the calmest bays. It is a fun activity that is social and easy to learn while at the same time it is a cruel form of exercise. You train both balance, endurance and strength. The boards are very stable and there are those that are better suited for beginners.

On your day trip or weekly charter with Navegara you can rent boards and take along with you as many days as you like. Would you prefer to have lessons instead or have a day course before the boat charter, we can arrange that! Or are you perhaps a group that would like to paddle together for a half day on a guided tour. Ask us and we’ll help you arrange anything you would like to do.

Price / day : 30 Euros
Price / week: 110 Euros