Experience Mallorca from above by helicopter will give you and your friends an unique experience together. Whether you are on holiday, celebrating a special occasion such as a wedding or a birthday, a helicopter tour will enhance your experience of Mallorca. Mallorca has some of the most variety and stunning scenery, the Tramuntana mountain range in the north-west, crystal clear bays and white sandy beaches and not to be forgotten all the ancient villages around Mallorca.

We can cater for individuals or parties up to three passengers.

“The Big One” Sightseeing Tour

Do you want to see the whole coastline of Mallorca? Then “The big one” is a perfect choice. The helicopter tour will fly you over the spectacular landscape; white sandy beaches, secluded coves and bays and the dramatic mountain range on the north-west coast.
The helicopter tour starts from the base in Aerodrome Son Bonet, just outside Palma city. The experienced pilot and helicopter will be waiting for you and when you are off to go it will take you and your company all around the coastline of Mallorca. Your pilot will also be your guide and there till be light refreshments and chilled champagne to enjoy during your flight. There is also a possibility to stop in one of Mallorca´s exclusive country restaurants for a coffee and refreshments.

Price: 1,799 Euros

The flight time from start to finish is 2 hours 30 minutes and the helicopter can carry up to 3 passengers plus the pilot.

  • This is the total price for the helicopter charter, regardless of 1, 2 or 3 passengers carried.
  • Price includes all landing fees, airport charges and IVA (Spanish VAT).
  • Flight time is from rotor start to rotor stop.

Take a scenic helicopter tour around Mallorca.

The choice is yours, you get to decide where you want to go and what you would like to see. Fly to the dramatic Tramuntana range, see the homes of the many celebrities, fly in secluded bays or even fly to your own weeding. Tell us your preferences and wishes and together with the helicopter operator and the pilot your helicopter tour can be tailored. The Robinson R44 helicopter carries up to three passengers and the pilot.

Helicopter tour Mallorca

15 minutes – € 299.00
30 minutes – € 449.00
45 minutes – € 559.00
60 minutes – € 699.00

  • The price is for the helicopter trip, NOT per person.
  • The price includes all taxes, airport fees and VAT.
  • Flight-time is from rotor start to rotor stop.

Memorable photos from your yacht charter.

Aerial photography.
What wouldn’t´t be more fantastic to enhance your yacht charter then with photos taken from above? Navegara cooperate with a helicopter company with more than 20 years of experience from operating in the Balearic Islands. They can fly alongside your yacht and photograph you and your company. The images will be high resolution and from multiple angles. If you have special wishes, discuss it with us.