Very few things are so appreciated by colleagues, co-workers and friends than to make a trip together. Are you celebrating an anniversary or have your salespeople exceeded their targets? Does your company need to strengthen the coherence or just receive a reward for their exceptional hard work? Let us at Navegara show you Mallorca from the sea point of view!

Corporate events in Mallorca

Do you have plans to have your next conference abroad but are unwilling to travel a whole day to get to your destination. Mallorca, surrounded by the beautiful, warm and very much appreciated Mediterranean Sea, does not cost a fortune and can be reached within a very short distances of time. To reward your employees with a conference or event abroad in a yacht is not just one of the greatest ways to show your appreciation but also a perfect way to weld the group and get your employees to work even harder toward the same goal. We at Navegara are specialized at all kind of arrangements at sea.

If you have closer thoughts of locating a conference in the Mediterranean Sea and would like a larger package of exciting adventures, experiences or other events, we can help you with that as well. We can organize almost everything, so feel free to ask. Since we are always at hand and based in Mallorca we can provide you that little extra with all necessary contacts without intermediaries and without any misunderstandings.
Of course we will help you with everything from planning, booking and during the journey too if necessary. Every business is unique to us and we customize your corporate event to suit your personal requirements.

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Contact us for a tailor-made travel with your crew!

[fusion_old_tabs tab1=”Day charter activities” tab2=”Longer boat charter”] [fusion_old_tab id=1] We at Navegara yacht charter have different types of sailing events and business activities to choose from. With different kind of boats and yachts of all sizes, we make sure to find the boat that suits your company best. Currently we offer daily activities such as sailing, conferences, dinners and meetings. If you have other requests we will of course see what we can do to fulfill them.

Sailing or match race

Just sail for a day in the Mediterranean or why not cast off for a match racing by the coast of Mallorca. No matter how you plan your sailing trip we see it as one of the most invigorating group activities available when participants are active during the sailing. The group welded mainly thanks to collaboration and communication as they chart a course, operate boats and take tactical decisions about route. Sailing is an activity which fits all because no naval experience or sailing experience is required, we customize everything according to your needs and desires. Then imagine to do this in an unbeatable beautiful environment outside the Mallorca coast while enjoying all that it has to offer.

This is a very good future investment for your company and your staff. When times are tougher than ever it is important to take advantage of and develop the most important resource of the company, your staff. To develop and create better communication and collaboration could hardly be easier done than on board a sailing boat in the Mediterranean. Sailing together strengthens the ability to work as a team and provide an experience to remember and share when the wind blows hard at work. So take the opportunity to build on the assets that you have and ask us about how we can help your company to experience an unforgettable day or days for your company. Every season has its charm, that is why we organize sailing and yacht trips and charters the whole year around.

Conference and business meeting

Would you like to sail to the conference? Or why not place the conference on the boat? There are many types of boats that are ideal to place conferences on and we gladly inform you which options that are available. Do you have business partners that you’re meeting in Mallorca? Make a grand impression and organize a breakfast or lunch meeting at one of our luxury yachts!

Dinner and Party

As mentioned before, we are present in Mallorca where we receive daily updates on news about entertainment and restaurants in Mallorca. We can guide you to restaurants that are amazing but harder to find or just our personal favorites. We can organize dinners with a private chef or catering firm on your charter boat. We have charter yachts specifically designed for corporate events and private parties both large and small.

Other activities

Other activities in connection with your conference or sailing are incredibly fun and relaxing. And everyone knows how wonderful it is to get out in the fresh air with your teammates to do something completely different then what is usually done. Whether for work colleagues or just a group of friends; there are so many outdoor activities to do in Mallorca. Fishing, SUP (stand up paddle), go rib boat, padel tournament, ride jet-skis, wine tasting, rock climbing and much more. Whatever you want to do on the island we will take care of your transfer, with or without a boat.

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[/fusion_old_tab] [fusion_old_tab id=2]Sailing is a great activity in which theory and practice are integrated in a good way. On a longer trip your staff will be tested a little harder and a little longer. Sailing is team building in practice and it will be an experience you will never forget and learn from in the future. A longer charter is completely different than a day trip because you will get the chance to get to know your colleagues a little closer, relax a little more and enjoy the freedom that a boat trip actually provides. You choose the course and how active you want to be whether you charter a sailboat, motorboat or catamaran.

You need no previous experience but then you will have one of our experienced skippers on board that stands for safety and guidance as well on our day trips. It is obvious that you still can make day trips off the boat, it is all up to you. We have great local knowledge and are always on, which means we can fix almost everything most of the time, even at short notice. Could this be something for your company, please contact us and we will plan this together.[/fusion_old_tab] [/fusion_old_tabs]